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You don’t want to miss the Bravo! Children in Music event happening on February 9,

our guest Ruth Moir will give us all of the details this Sunday on LIVE What’s Happening Coachella Valley.  Steinwayriverside.org

Then Irene Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Cabot’s Pueblo Museum joins me on LIVE Traveling With Françoise to share with us all of the exciting events and exhibits planned for this season.  CabotsMuseum.org

Have you signed up for Waikiki, the info is on the TWF Adventures page……Aloha, Françoise

LIVE What’s Happening Coachella Valley begins at 11:11 AM, followed by Traveling With Françoise at 12:05 PM on our Facebook pages – The Coachella Valley & Traveling With Françoise.  Remember if you missed a show then to the Video Podcast page you go!

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