Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake, Grand County Colorado

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My Experience:

As with all of my trips, I begin promoting them several months in advance, Grand County was no exception. What this does is give me a feel for what TWF fans are looking to find out about the destination. The feedback is invaluable, and helps to shape the show.

The feedback for Grand County had me counting the days until I arrived. I heard comments such as “incredibly beautiful”, “I go every year”, “be sure and visit the Rocky Mountain National Park”, “I hope you get to see a moose,” and those are only a few of many comments I’ve received.

Grand Lake, Colorado, surpassed all of my expectations. Arriving at Denver International, Grand County is only a few hours away, a trip that will kick-start your sightseeing as you pass through breathtaking mountain scenery, meadows with creeks branching out in all directions, and perfectly shaped pine trees everywhere you look. Moose, deer, bear, and smaller critters roam freely without a care in the world. Why not! The area is so lovely, their accommodations are first class.

My host lodging was the Western Riviera Lakeside Lodging, lakeside meaning walk out the door of your room and the lake is right there! Of course that means you’ll have spectacular lakefront and mountain views. The room was spacious, comfortable and with windows that open for the wonderful cool breezes coming off of the lake. Another plus of the Western Riviera, within two minutes either way, you’ll be in the middle of the historic town with wooden boardwalks, or on the lake boating, fishing, kayaking, swimming or floating around on a peddle-boat. Within 10 minutes, the Grand Lake Golf Course awaits you, take the golf clubs and a camera.

The Town of Grand Lake will take you back in time. No signals or big box stores, only a few stop signs with parking on both sides of the main street. There are several restaurants to choose from, lots of shopping in boutique stores, a theatre with top ranked productions, bowling alley, the Kauffman House Museum, community bingo night and ice cream shops. Locals and visitors seem to love ice cream in Grand Lake, it’s homemade and delicious.

My adventure (thanks to my hostess Gaylene Ore) took me over 11,000 feet to the Alpine Visitors Center in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Grand County is the designated Western gateway to the park, and if you didn’t know, a starting point for the Colorado River.

While there I also enjoyed a boat tour on Grand Lake thanks to Mike and Jackie Tompkins, dined at several restaurants (all delicious), toured the Rocky Mountain National Park, toured the Kauffman House, went hiking, shopping, saw the musical 42nd Street at the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre, saw a moose roaming freely in the forest, relaxed on the balcony of my room while enjoying the lake views, and frankly had a fabulous time!

Grand Lake – Grand County is not only a summer getaway, but a winter wonderland. Offering travelers a plethora of snow related activities, complimented by a winter extravaganza.

Grand Lake in Grand County Colorado is for the entire family, and offering a lifetime of memories.

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Grand Lake, Grand County Colorado