La Costa Resort & Spa, Carlsbad CA

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La Costa Resort & Spa

2100 Costa Del Mar Road
Carlsbad, California

Guest Lineup:
John Tyler, Director of Membership
Keith Launiu, Spa at La Costa Therapist
Chef Greg Frey, Jr., BlueFire Grill
Brandon Sieh, Tennis Professional
Stacy Rossmann, Activities Director
Denise Chapman, Marketing Director

My Experience:

About two hours from the desert, and only minutes from the beaches of Carlsbad is the world famous La Costa Resort and Spa. As a California native La Costa seemed to be a household name, as others would be in awe of the resort, my thoughts were of another beautiful resort in California (without ever having been.)

I’m here to tell you, BIG mistake on my part! La Costa is every bit of fabulous as a resort can be, and with personality. The La Costa experience begins with a staff, many having worked at La Costa for over 20 years, that loves their job and where they work. Everyone, and I mean everyone is friendly, accommodating and begins and ends each day making sure the guests are enjoying La Costa and all it has to offer.

Having a mini face-lift with a $50 million dollar renovation, this Spanish styled resort is truly a village, where one never needs to leave. I parked the car and did not see or need my car for three full days. From world class golf to the Spa, I was never looking for something to do because there is constantly something to do, if you want to do it.

The tennis courts are professional class and even if you don’t play tennis, you’ll get the urge. In the middle of the plaza is a shopping district, market, lobby with lounge and dining. Chef Frey of the BlueFire Grill has the midas touch with food. Plate after plate of delicious cuisinecame to may table, from ceviche to Bison short ribs so tender the meat did melt in my mouth.

La Costa has managed to combine business with families in one resort. Children are treated like children with their own activities and play areas to keep them busy. Business professionals are privy to opulent conference rooms with all the technology, and of course those looking to golf or relax…go for it.

The La Costa Resort and Spa certainly made a believer out of me. My stay was too short, so it looks like I’ll be seeing you there! Golf and spa treatments can be reserved at the time of booking, a year in advance if you so wish….La Costa in Carlsbad, a must visit on any list.