Ojai, California

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La Costa Resort & Spa

2100 Costa Del Mar Road
Carlsbad, California

Guests in program order:

Sheila Cluff, Owner the Oaks at Ojai

Hallie Katz, Human Arts Gallery

Jim Johnson, Su Nido & Casa Ojai

Brian Bemel, Ojai Story Telling Festival

Kathy Hartley, The Lavender Inn, Ojai Culinary School

Janis Flippen, Ojai Visitors Bureau

My Experience:

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Located in Ventura County, and minutes from the coastline, Ojai is a one main street town surrounded by beautiful rolling hills covered in lush green foliage.

This was my second trip to Ojai where I found the town to be just as charming, and full of new surprises. Stillquaint, hip and trendy, Ojai has become a tourist destination without the usual fanfare. Visitors will not find a t-shirt shop, big box stores or fast food restaurants.

However guests will find family owned business’s that range from fine dining, boutique clothing stores, art galleries, a candy store and of course an ice cream parlor. Located on the main street is the Oaks at Ojai, this is where I stayed. With a focus on health and well being this is one place guests want to get on the scale after a day of delicious low calorie fare, lounging by the pool, fitness classes and lectures…a wonderful experience, no pressure, do as you please.

I dined at several places including the celebrity studded Ranch House, delicious. For things to do, a must is Bart’s Books, I promise you have never seen a used book store such as this. Offering about 200,000 volumes, amazing. Take comfy shoes for walking up and down main street, enjoy an ice cream or visit the Theatre.

I was lucky enough to experience the incredible Taft Gardens, 80 acres of amazing and only available to guests of the Emerald or Blue Iguana Inns. There are many events coming up in Ojai, The World Music Festival and the Storytelling Festival to name a few. Ojai is an find with exits clearly marked on 101 Freeway near Ventura.

I will be going back soon and so should you, see you there!