Pismo Beach, CA

Pismo Beach, California

My Experience:

The first wharf was built in 1882, Pismo Beach is known for some of the best clam chowder in the U.S. and downtown has parking down the middle of the street. For me, Pismo Beach epitomizes the meaning of beach community.

Offering visitors and locals 22 miles of white sandy beaches on one side, and gentle rolling hills covered with vineyards on the other, waking up to the sound of waves breaking on the beaches is an everyday occurrence.

My lodging in Pismo Beach was at the only beachfront hotel, the Sea Venture on Ocean View Avenue. When I say beachfront, walk out the lobby door and the only thing keeping you from the white sand is the vibrant boardwalk.

From the Sea Venture you can easily walk to town a charming town with all sorts of fun stores, the pier, restaurants including the original Splash Café, and places to rent kayaks, bicycles, boogie boards and anything to do with sun and surf.

Wine Tasting rooms have quickly become part of the lifestyle in Pismo Beach due to the many local wineries dotting the hillsides. Offering wines that are so popular, they are now being shipped to locations around the world.

I felt right at home in Pismo Beach, and found it to be very family friendly, pet friendly, and frankly just a friendly place to be. There are golf courses nearby, as well an outlet mall only five minutes from the beach. Again, something for everyone.

As I briefly mentioned dining, the options are plentiful……..however, I’ve been traveling all of my life and I applaud Executive Chef Casey Walcott at the Sea Venture for serving me some of the most delicious food I’ve ever had. Not one night, but three nights in a row, which is a first for me because I generally go to a different restaurant each night when traveling…..Chef Casey…..Bravo!

Located off US 101, between San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach also offers RVer’s and camper’s spectacular grounds to enjoy.

With perfect weather a daily occurrence, I can give you 101 reasons to visit Pismo Beach,
however you’ll only need one after you’ve been there

Pismo Beach, California
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