Temecula Valley Wine Country

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Program guests:

Kate Santarsieri, Spa Manager South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

Dave Bradley, Owner Vindemia Winery

Peggy Evans, Executive Director Temecula Valley Wine Growers Association

Emily Falappino, Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle

Mike Tingley, Winemaker Danza Del Sol Winery

My Experience:

Since the radio broadcast aired I have received many emails from listener’s saying, “I thought Temecula was just another town.” “How fun, I didn’t know there was a wine region in Temecula.” ” I have been going to Temecula Valley for years, now the secret is out.”

Secret no more! Temecula Valleys wine country is bursting with beautiful wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants and lodging. TWFranςoise aired from the South Coast Winery Resort and Spa, a beautiful facility with all villas. There are over 30 wineries to choose from in the region, more than enough for a weeks worth of fun.

Many of the wineries are located on Rancho California Road and De Portola Rd. The 20th Annual Harvest Celebration was in progress while I was there, and do the Temeculans know how to party. At each winery I visited, limousine after limousine, shuttle after shuttle, was delivering the happy wine tasters to their next destination.

Many of the wineries are open seven days a week, and if one might be closed, mostly all the others will be open. Temecula also has beautiful golf courses, a mega casino, shopping, old town, fine restaurants and more.

For me half the fun is getting there. I exited the 10 at the Beaumont Ave exit and turned left….went through the town of Winchester, making a left on Washington, which eventually drops you onto Rancho California Road. No traffic, traffic lights, beautiful scenery and relaxing..plus a shorter distance.

The easiest way to visit Temecula Valley’s Wine Country is visit the Wine Growers Associations web site posted above..There is a lot of information to make your trip

amazing!! Cheers!!!!