Tubac Golf Resort & Spa

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Tubac Golf Resort & Spa

One Otero Road
Tubac, Arizona 85646
(520) 820-3203

My Experience:

Tubac, Arizona is probably one of those places you didn’t know existed, located about 20 minutes south of Tucson; I mistakenly assumed Tubac was in Tucson.

Was I surprised to find not only this incredible resort loaded with history, yet offering visitors all the high tech of today,  but a charming village that is supported by locals and treasured by visitors.

Visitors of the resort can golf, spa, dine, be engulfed in history, and of course relax. I tried all of the above, and should as well.

Home to several art festivals, the Tubac Village is in walking distance of the resort.

I suggest a stroll over to the village to wander the art galleries, shop, dine, perhaps dance a bit,  people watch or visit Arizona’s first State Park.

I truly enjoyed my stay at the Tubac Resort, and met other visitors from around the world, and many snowbirds that call Tubac home for six months.

There are many attractions (beside amazing views) near Tubac, one is the Titan Missile Museum, don’t miss it.  Tubac also offers a plethora of outdoor activities and a casino or two down the highway.  Take a road trip to Nogales, or go kayaking on the river….what seems like a small piece of heaven, Tubac is that and a lot more.

Please listen to the TWF audio from Tubac, the guests are fascinating, fun and eager to share information about the place they call home.