Yosemite/Sugar Pine Railroad/Pines Resort & More!

Listen to the Yosemite shows by clicking the links below. Please note the first 10 minutes in the first hour had technical difficulties, high winds, bad signal. The interviews are fine, and thank you for your patience.

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Yosemite Adventure Guests:

Jarrod Lyman

Jennifer Blate
Pines Resort @ Bass Lake: www.basslake.com

Max Stauffer
Sugar Pine Railroad: www.yosemitesteamtrains.com

Allyson L. Robison
Spring Trail Wine Adventure: www.maderavintners.com

My Experience:

Yosemite is breathtaking, my original memories of the wonderland was as a child…playing in trees, streams and collecting pine cones. This trip was different. Why? Because the journey begins long before you get to Yosemite. The journey begins in Madera County.

About six hours of drive time away from the Coachella Valley, Madera County awaits you with wineries, art galleries, museums and beautiful fields of vineyards. All I was thinking was Yosemite, but by the time I reached the Pines Resort @ Bass Lake, Yosemite was on the back burner and enjoying my spacious suite with lake and mountain views
was my reward for stepping outside the box.

Surrounded by dense forests, the Chalet type experience at the Pines made me want to enjoy the lake with boating, sun bathing and relaxing and eating great food at Ducey’s.

Then it was off to experience an authentic steam locomotive four mile ride at the Sugar Pine Railroad. This family owned an operated business for over 40 years, had my eyes as wide as the children sitting next to me every-time the whistle blew and the conductor told us stories of the past. Great for the entire family.

Yosemite valley, here I come. One day in Yosemite Valley was not enough. Try and spend a night at one of the several lodgings in the Valley. From lake to valley makes for a real adventure. Camera, comfortable shoes, hat and a sense of the outdoors is all you need. One nice outfit for dining, if you choose to go a little up scale. Everywhere I looked I saw picnickers, so fun, next time that’s what I’m doing.

Since my three days went by so fast, I’m already planning my next visit to Bass Lake, and Yosemite……..All aboard the Sugar Pine Railroad!